A universe of…


A universe of atoms, that I am

I feel it, this wanderlust.

This unabating need for something

more, something otherworldly.

I hear it beckon the fire which slumbers

and I can feel this immortal soul, restless

clawing its nails against the bones of a foreigner.

© Aanchal Gounder


Have we met…

Have we met before?

the familiarity we share
are that of echoes in a dream
centuries old, unspoken

after all

we are energy
dancing away eternity
in infinite loops

so maybe it was only
a matter of time
before our vibrations
became one, again.

© Aanchal Gounder

abandoned graveyards…

abandoned graveyards

sweet nothings laced
in feverish consonants and
insatiable vowels, whispered.

rebel hearted ghosts, defying fate
frantically clawing
through sub atomic particles
of yesterday’s memories,

always reaching
holding on,

stuck in forever.

© Aanchal Gounder


Hey rain girl…

hey rain girl always dancing in the gloom
soaking up the quiet after the storm
come away with me if only for the now
let me show you where the indigo sky, burning bright
lays its head
how the wildflowers grow even on the wintriest of nights
maybe we can even chase blossoming moons, run with wolves
but let’s not stop there
we can grow wings, dressed in lightning beams
rip through the fabric of space-time,
inhale universes, crash land on supernovas
and if you aren’t too tired maybe we can swim in a black hole or two,
shifting into different realities, where we create our own reality
and then when the now is over, rain girl
i will return you to your grey clouds, as promised
but notice, how in every raindrop, a prism of zeal glows,
softly, falling upon you.

© Aanchal Gounder