In the inner…

In the inner sanctum of nothingness

midst of nowhere

I contemplate

do I stay?

Is this where I belong?

A faithful undead, 

is that what I am?

Sometimes the thought of forever sounds serene

here, in the nowhere, not anywhere

an existence of nonexistence.

© Aanchal Gounder

A universe of…


A universe of atoms, that I am

I feel it, this wanderlust.

This unabating need for something

more, something otherworldly.

I hear it beckon the fire which slumbers

and I can feel this immortal soul, restless

clawing its nails against the bones of a foreigner.

© Aanchal Gounder


abandoned graveyards…

abandoned graveyards

sweet nothings laced
in feverish consonants and
insatiable vowels, whispered.

rebel hearted ghosts, defying fate
frantically clawing
through sub atomic particles
of yesterday’s memories,

always reaching
holding on,

stuck in forever.

© Aanchal Gounder


Slowly breaking apart, piece by piece

I wonder how many of us pretend every day with our big beautiful smiles plastered on our faces that everything is fine, that we are okay. while inside we are exhausted of pretending to be stronger than how we really feel. knowing that every smile is costing us a part of our sanity. we have to keep up the charade. we must. or so we keep telling ourselves, god forbid we make the people around us feel uneasy because it’s easier for them to believe our lie than to understand our truth. and one day we wake up and we are too exhausted of being exhausted and then we sit in the darkness, holding on to whatever scraps of us are left until they too start to fade away.