Black Lives Matter

The fact that this even has to be addressed in 2020. The fact that Black men, women, and children are still not given equal value in today’s society based on their race, their skin color, and just simply for existing. Their ancestors are the ones who built America, the very foundation of this countries growth, and yet here we are screaming Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! at the top of our lungs because sadly it still doesn’t matter. They are perceived as a threat, by the cops who kill them by the white people who call the cops on them because they feel “unsafe” due to their own racial prejudices against them and by those who want to scream all lives matter and use that as a reason not to fight for black lives. “All lives matter” and if we lived in a utopian society it would and there would be no need for this movement because there would be no systemic racism and systemic killing of Black Americans but they don’t, all lives don’t matter right now, black lives don’t matter right now not here in America and from what I’m seeing from protests around the globe not in many other places as well and it’s time we change that. Their lives matter not just today, not because it’s trending on social media and everyone is talking about it but every day, it needs to matter every day. This fight needs to continue until they matter and until we get to a point where we can say all lives matter because all lives finally DO matter.

Below are a couple of pictures that I took of one of the marches I went to this past weekend. I’ll probably update this with more pictures from other marches and some of the things that are going on in my city in regards to the movement.

All images are mine unless stated otherwise. © Aanchal Gounder

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Othello Park, Seattle WA

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Thousands March for BLM Seattle,WA


Seattle Street Art

Seattle Street Art – Image captured by Kyle Kotajarvi

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I went to CHOP Seattle to check it out for myself


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East Precinct


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19 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Heartfelt writing….I agree a 100% with you….one of my friends from India forwarded a poster (protest at Edison NJ on 14th June) & wrote “BLM hits the Indian nerve center of USA. Indian community homes (gold) and Indian stores (jewellery) are at maximum risk. This is real racism. Other way round”

    I got not just provoked but also didn’t understand what’s really going on in this world in 2020. Plus how people are trying to paint the picture to twist it even further.

    So I replied….”This is such a sad statement in 2020…that black lives matter…still no equality…still the same fucked up thinking at deeper level…Racism everywhere…Just noticed what you actually wrote…(his name deleted)…this is quite twisted way to think…it’s a huge movement…very much needed due to racism…that still exists in 2020…but your focus is only on Indian community…I don’t get it…but that’s your opinion & way of looking at the things….”

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    1. The fact that racism is so deeply ingrained that property and “things” are given more importance and more value than a Black life. All the people of color who are not Black Americans and are complaining about their stores the only thing I have to say to them is if it wasn’t for the Civil Rights Movement the Immigration Act of 1965 would have never happened the same act that allows Indians and people of other races to be here in America, to have those opportunities, to own those businesses. Right now we should all be marching with them and for them because of them we are able to step foot on this soil that is America in the first place.

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  2. There is a worrying thing about ‘institutionalised racism’. This incident, like so many others has shown the challenge we face to rid society of this disease. For these people it’s stared at home, they see it, they hear it, they are fed it.
    We say the world needs more education and know this for such a long time. I like in the UK and last year there were several incidents of top level football players being racially abused by some fans. These are the same players who represented England in top level sport. What can you say?

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    1. I agree education is one of the key factors, not sure about the UK but here the state government controls what the history textbooks teach in public schools and you can imagine how biased that is, most of the time they skim over the history of people of color and sugarcoat the atrocities and some schools don’t even bother to teach anything especially in the more affluent communities. As far as institutionalized racism policies and laws that have been put in place the ones that feed and fuel it needs to be thrown out, changed and/or reformed and we need to continue putting pressure on our lawmakers meanwhile also continue educating and throwing down some knowledge to those who still don’t get it.

      Also, side note I read up on the football players more than 150 racist incidents in one season against the players? What are they doing to protect these players?

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      1. Good point about history books. The British Empire looted so many countries in its quest for colonisation. Not a single mention in our history books. The British murdered so many innocent people at Jalawalla Baag during its occupation in India. The UK government were asked repeatedly to ‘apologise’, but they refused to.
        There is one rule that works for law makers, ‘divide and conquer’ and where have we heard that before?

        Re: football incidents, some of the coloured players wanted to walk off the pitch but not supported by the footballing head people. Very little is ever done about racism incidents in sport….its a disease at all levels!!

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  3. Black Lives Matter is in the spotlight because a racist white police murdered George Floyd. Such murders of blacks by racist white police isn’t nothing new, but the death of George Floyd demonstrated that black lives never matter in America, but through positive blacks and good white supporters= Black Lives Matter=All of the prejudice and discrimination against blacks manifested from The Institution of Slavery, but there isn’t any evidence that blacks or their white supports are advocating *REPARATION FOR SLAVERY*


    1. The protests I’ve been to I hear them demanding reparations but the problem is it takes policy changes for any real change to happen first at the local level and then national and the local leadership even with all the protesting are fighting the movement and not giving into any demands instead they are throwing tokens at them such as statues being torn down, and painting black lives matter on the streets and changing street names which is nice but “nice” isn’t going to help stop the injustices that are happening, the cops are out here showing us every night during the protests that they don’t care by constantly terrorizing the protesters with their violence and the city leaders and lawmakers are the ones calling the shots the cops only do what the local leadership allows. Not to mention the media is in the pockets of the people in power and are not even showing the protests that are going on every day throughout the nation let alone around the world. Our whole system is a mess. Anyways back to your original statement about reparations, as strong and global the black lives matter movement has become it is missing one thing and that is formidable leadership, the Civil Rights movement had MLK, and let’s not forget Malcolm X, we have local activists doing the best that they can to bring change within their cities but reparations has to happen at the national level in Washington D.C. and right now the movement can’t even get their basic demands met without major pushback.

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  4. Aanchal, I’ve read some of your posts and you are really *&* truly an extraordinary writer comprising wisdom, knowledge, understanding of the subjective matter that is taking the world by storm from 1-to-10-to A-to Z comprising 100%-to-360-degrees making you mind-catching interesting in how you convey yourself to the world!

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  5. I never ever flatter but pay poets and writers sincere compliments, and your writings are verb superb with adjective twists *&* turns that demands literary respect *&* command critic acceptance, *&* keep writing because your words to the world will make a positive difference in millions of lives cross cultures. Thank you for being you,an original, from real-to-surreal!!

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