I have so…

I have so much going on in my head my thoughts are lit up and they are catching on fire, burning up inside of me, can they burn through the iron bars I have encaged them in? Will they burn hot and high, roar with fury? Will I make it out unscathed when they are done with me? My emotions are all over the place, some I know too well and others I tucked away to deal with on another day, a day I knew would never come but I’m losing control over my hold on everything right now, I really don’t want to get to know them at all but they have taken on a form of something which I know not, they have woken up from their slumber and are here for a reckoning. If they only knew I’m too far gone to care. If that wasn’t enough I made the decision to discard every broken dream and throw it away into the gray but I forgot I myself am a broken dream so does that mean I am now just scattered remnants? Something to forget, to leave behind. Have I ever been enough? Am I fated to dissolve into oblivion and leave behind not even a whisper?

Β© Aanchal Gounder


24 thoughts on “I have so…

  1. We came with nothing, we shall leave with nothing…why even try and hold onto whatever is caged inside the mind…let it go, make yourself feel lighter. Seldom we burden ourselves with the notion that we need to leave a legacy or do something great in the time we have….but maybe all we need to do at this platform of life is just form one single connection with a force that will help us transcend onto the next journey.

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  2. What a beautiful piece (of you), you’ve written. I can very much relate to it. Sometimes, even if we try to let it go, something in us say the opposite & we end up “let it hold”. But deep down, the life occurs in the NOW coz that’s the only moment we live in…though I, from time to time tend to drift away in several things / emotions but NOW. Beautifully expressed by you!

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