I stopped believing…

I stopped believing
in fairytales when
I fell in love.

Fairytales taught me
love should be easy,
true love means
a happily ever after, right?

But then
love came knocking.

Fairytales, disillusioned
expectations, came crumbling

love is hard.
isn’t easy.

Someday’s love
seems impossible.

Is this love even worth it?

The insanity it brings,
the ups and downs

When the lights go out
is it worth going to war
against the darkness?

Love is far from a fairytale.

Love makes you feel
and it’s not always
a feeling you want.

Hell! Is it even love anymore?

© Aanchal Gounder


Truth is…

Truth is, I am fighting everyday

finding reasons to stay

and I am failing

ready to burn to dust
to be carried away with
the morning breeze.

© Aanchal Gounder

I’m spiraling…

I’m spiraling,
into the wildfire
I go.


The darkness
which rattles around
knock knock knocking
around in my head
bathes in the inferno,
fuel for its rotting core.

I feel nothing, I feel everything.
The wildfire grows.

© Aanchal Gounder

I had no intentions of posting today but with it being World Poetry Day how could I not.🙂